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Want to explore space? Here's a basic guide for survival.

Basic Survival

  • The most crucial item in Space is the Rocket. This allows you to switch what planet you are on easily and is portable, however, it will not help to survive without protective equipment.
  • To put it simply, there are three ways of surviving in space: Oxygen Masks and Oxygen Tanks, Spacesuits created within the Suit Fabricator, or machines (Covered in "Staying for a While").

Oxygen Masks and Oxygen Tanks

  • Oxygen Masks have infinite durability and are worn as a helmet. By themselves, they have no effect, and you will still die when wearing one and exposed to a vacuum. It is, therefore, necessary to have either a Light, Medium, or Heavy Oxygen Tank in your inventory, where each tier holds progressively more oxygen.
  • Oxygen Tanks are not a sustainable way of surviving unless you can create a tank refiller to recharge them once depleted.


  • There's a custom enchantment called "Airtight", which will make armor pieces hold pressure when worn. The downside to this is that all armor pieces (helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots) require the enchantment.
  • Fortunately, there is an easy way to get this: The Suit Fabricator. The Suit Fabricator can create both Voyager and Rogue armor sets which allow for infinite breathing in space using a few easy to obtain resources.

Staying for a While

You'll need the following machines to get started:

  • A power source, such as a Solar Panel.
  • Oxygen Bubble Distributor
  • Oxygen Collector

Along with a few conduits to transfer energy, oxygen and coolant between machines.

While the concept of creating and transferring energy and oxygen may sound a little intimidating at first, it's actually really simple. Here is a general breakdown:

  • Solar Panels create energy during the day and store the energy internally. This can build up and never discharges unless you connect another machine using a conduit.
  • Conduits transfer energy, oxygen, and coolant between machines. Connecting a Solar Panel to another machine with conduits is as simple as placing a pathway between the two.
  • Oxygen can be collected using the Oxygen Collector. This converts power and oxygen from surrounding leaves into oxygen, which is then stored within the machine.
  • The collected oxygen can now be used by the Oxygen Bubble Distributor (which also requires energy). Using a few more conduits, we can create a setup that will create a bubble of oxygen where you can breathe.