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When playing on our server, please follow the rules down below.
Please use common sense on the server as well, don’t assume that just because something isn’t in the rules, means you can do it (spoiler: you can’t).

Chat Rules

1. English Only - Please make sure that you’re only speaking English in the public chat. You’re allowed to speak other languages in non-public chats.
2. No Hate Speech - We do not tolerate hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc) of any kind.
3. No Spamming/Flooding - Do not flood or spam the chat, it's just annoying for other players.
4. No NSFW Content - Please do not say or post any NSFW content. There are people under 18 in the community.
5. No Advertisement - We do not allow anyone who advertises other Minecraft/Discord servers, or other links of any kind.
6. No Toxicity - We all want to have fun, so please don't be toxic.
7. No Threats - Threatening to or actively doxing, DDOSing, harassing or blackmailing others, sharing personal information, or sending malicious links is prohibited and will be dealt with severely.

Gameplay Rules

1. No Unfair Advantages - Using disallowed modifications, macros, scripts or anything that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed on our server.
2. No Duping/Bug Abusing - If you find a bug or a dupe, make sure to report it and don't exploit it.
3. No Ban Evasion - Anyone who is mute/ban evading will be punished.
4. No Staff Impersonation - Do not impersonate staff on our server.
5. No Inappropriate Builds - We don’t allow any inappropriate builds on our server, they will be removed if you’re caught with one.

Note: Rules can change at any given point, we reserve the right to change them if we feel it’s necessary.