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Here are some of our useful commands in-game:

  • /tpa [player]: Send a teleport request to a player.
  • /quests: Open the quests menu.
  • /claim: Open the claims menu.
  • /recipes: Open the recipes menu.
  • /balance: Check your balance.
  • /jobs: Open the jobs menu.
  • /shop: Open the shop.
  • /coinshop: Open the coin shop.
  • /rtp: Teleport to a random location.
  • /homes: Open your homes menu.
  • /enchantinfo [enchantment]: Get information about a custom enchantment.
  • /ah: Open the Auction House.
  • /cosmetics: Open the cosmetics menu.
  • /baltop [currency]: Check out the richest players.
  • /levels stats/rewards: Check out your level statistics and rewards.
  • /lottery: Open the lottery menu.

Check /help in-game to open a guide, which will contain most useful commands.