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11 months ago
Public Beta Now Available

It's been a long time. Despite numerous delays, I'm happy to announce that the Mystical Kingdoms is available right now.


This beta is meant to test stability, and we hope you will like the experience that we have crafted over many months.


This beta test will have almost all of the features that are planned for launch, and we also have exclusive rewards.


To receive the beta rewards, you need to have at least 1 hour of playtime. Once you get it, you can claim it on the Adventurer's Menu. You can also refer other players. Ask them to type /refer <player> when they join, and both of you will receive a reward. When you refer 5 players, you'll receive an exclusive Otter pet.</player>


We also created a suggestions and bug reports forum on the Discord server. Please report any issues or suggestions you have!


Thank you everyone for your patience. We hope we can live up to your expectations. See you all on the server, love you <3


Oh, before I forget, the IP is: